Thursday, January 17, 2013

Using Textual Evidence to Support Your Answer

So I'm totally into this idea of text based evidence to support your claims right now! In a previous post I discussed how I was really trying to focus in on the Common Core and use it to help guide my instruction.

So I create a little graphic organizer that my students could use with just about ANY text! All they needed was the text source (of course) and a question (created by me) to guide their thinking. The purpose of the organizer was for students to think about the big  question, come to a conclusion, identify the details that informed that conclusion, and then give the exact location of those details.

Well guess what? It was amazing!

I used an article from the newspaper that a parent sent in, from that we did a read aloud, and then I asked the students an overarching question to get them started! The results were awesome... their thinking was awesome.. and most of all my students were TOTALLY engaged!

I've posted the graphic organizer on TpT for FREE! So go download it and try it in your classroom! I would LOVE to hear how it worked! Common Core Graphic Organizer

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