Saturday, February 10, 2018

What am I going to do for President's Day?

Maybe its just me but it feels like every year for major holidays the same thing happens, I get really excited and want to plan some cool project or lesson, but time gets the best of me. Instead of a great project, I end up having some substandard bulletin board or hallway display that doesn't live up to the dreams I had in my head of rocking out the holiday with an awesome project where kids have great learning experiences and lots of fun.

Well if that's you, this year I have you covered. Here is my President's Day project that is a big hit and looks great on display or for kids to take home to their families. My students and I made a Hall of  Presidents that we were able to share with everyone in our school. 

This project involves lots of social studies and US history (my favorite), as well as research, and even a little bit of art and creativity.

Great project to share with your students.

Check it out!