Sunday, January 27, 2013

Suffix Snowmen

Reviewing affixes and root words with my students has always been something I sort of dread! I used to feel like I had to lecture and have the students take tons of notes. Only to be followed by me creating an anchor chart with WAY TOO MUCH information, which only gave me a larger headache when I found that my students still couldn't remember the difference between common suffixes and prefixes.

I knew my old way just wasn't working!

So I sat down and came up with a mini project that would engage my students and get them interested and excited about affixes!

That's when I came up with Prefix Turkeys (i'll post them at another time, its January for crying out loud) and Suffix Snowmen!

These festive crafts/lessons have quickly become some of my favorite winter activities!  Perfect for a cold snowy winter afternoon activity and they double as an awesome wall or window display.

These super cute snowmen are great for a number of reasons! FIRST they allow students to review what a suffix actually is (and as teachers we ALL know that it's the BASIC things that students tend to forget), additionally the lesson requires that students use a dictionary and do a little digging (a lost art if you ask me), and finally and probably their favorite part, they get to 'coolify' their snowpeople. This year was NO exception! Lots of hip hop snowmen and even a snowgirl in heels and a Vera Wang bag (does Vera Wang even make bags? lol)!


Interested in the template and activities? Click the link below and pick it up from my Teachers pay Teachers store!



  1. I think the very best part about this activity is not even the activity itself, but the fact that you were reflective enough as a teacher to know that what you were doing wasn't quite working. Well done!

  2. THIS is what I found that I had wanted to use!! I knew I'd been here before!


    Very cute idea!
    Collaboration Cuties