Sunday, January 13, 2013

Figurative Language Minilessons!

It used to seem like every year I would either get to standardize testing time or even worse the end of the year and had NOT properly covered Figurative Language.... I will never forget how mortified I was my third year of teacher when an admin asked a student in my class what personification was and the kid didn't have the SLIGHTEST idea... 

I felt like I had either dropped the ball or was just the world's worse teacher! I beat myself up that whole weekend. Now as more of a veteran I understand that these literary skills can be easily omitted! However, since that moment, figurative language has taken up special residence in my heart!

Here is a little mini unit I put together that covers imagery, similes, metaphors, alliteration, personification, idioms, and onomatopoeia. I usually make the pages into a little workbook and the students and I complete an activity everyday after lunch! They love it and we really cover figurative language!

Find it on TpT: Figurative Language Grades 3-5

What's even more fun is if your school has a OFFICE QUALITY copy machine that can take paper 11x17 you can make this mini unit into a workbook and the students can keep it as a resource! 

 Happy Teaching :)

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