Thursday, February 7, 2013

More with Point of View...

My students and I have been knee deep in point of view over the past two weeks! We have been discussing the various different types of POV, as well as thinking about how perspectives change based solely on who is telling the story.

As you can imagine they found the concept interesting for a day, but after that they were ready to move on (typical fourth grade behavior)!

To keep their interests and to spice things up a bit I thought of an activity I was taught a few years ago. In the activity students were asked to write about a person slipping on ice and then asked to write from the perspective of the ice. Well I ran with the idea and made some simple modifications of my own...

For my activity I created the fictional character of Mr. Jones, the substitute teacher. Jones who is heckled by the children is giving his lesson and his pants RIP!

I then divide my students and ask them to either write Mr. Jones, the students in his class, or the PANTS! After the uncontrollable laughter stopped, their pencils hit the pages with haste and they churned out some really cool writing!

Here is the bulletin board we produced! I think it came out pretty cool! Many of the students from the older grades have stopped by to see the display so think it was pretty effective! :)

ALSO, I made the shaped papers we used for the writing as well. So if you want those bubble presentation papers and many more, here is the link (Shaped Presentation Writing Papers). Hate to be too self promoting, but I think they are an AWESOME RESOURCE!


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    1. Totally! Thanks for checking out my blog! I am your newest follower as well :)

  2. I love to do point of view journals with some of my novel studies. Students pick one of the main characters after the first chapter. They re-tell the chapter from the point of view of the chosen character. We compare different versions of the chapter summaries. It is so fun and a great way to incorporate summarizing too! Caitlin (

  3. I have been working on Point of view and am doing this writing activity with my 3rd graders. Im challengingbthem these days. Love this one.