Sunday, February 10, 2013

I decided to join the LINKY PARTY!!

The Polished Teacher is hosting a really AWESOME linky party and I decided to join in! This is my first linky, hope I covered everything (lol)!It was such a fun time! :)

A: App
Group Me- It’s a great way for me and some of my teacher buddies to share laughs throughout the day! :)

B: Book Character
When I was a little girl my favorite book was Pinky and Rex get Married! To this day I LOVE this book. So I’m going to have to go with Pinky because she has a special place in my heart! When I have a daughter I will make sure to add this book to her library.

C: Clip Art
There is so much great stuff out there I just try to find cute clip art wherever I can!

D: Dollar Spot Find
I seem to LOVE baskets and containers from the dollar store. When I first started teaching I outfitted my whole library in bins and buckets from the dollar store!

E: Essential to Start Day
Green Smoothie and my iHome set to some obnoxious level. Luckily, my neighbors don’t complain.

F: Font
There are too many to choose from! I really love, pretty cool resource for work and other projects!

G: Game
I’m not a huge game player, I just feel like there is never enough time. But I do LOVE The Sims! When there is some downtime I play a little on my ipad. 

H: Holiday
Christmas! Family, Food, Fun. What more can you ask for?

I: Ice Cream
Cookies and Cream! I don’t think they can make an ice cream that tastes much better than that!

J: Jewelry Piece
My grandmother’s wedding ring!! My grandfather passed away in the fall right after my grandmother gave me the ring. When I wear the ring I have fond memories of both of them.

K: Kid-ism
When my five year old niece says “It’s a sticky situation”! There is something about it that just puts an instant smile on my face.

L: Location to Travel
This might sound strange but I love Nashville! I have family there and I LOVE the Gaylord Opryland! I try to stay there EVERYTIME I go! Just a cool get away from the fast pace of home!

M: Management Technique
Go around cup. Each kid has their name on a Popsicle stick within a cup on my desk. The cup is useful for calling on students or different flexible groupings.

N: Nail Polish
The “It” Color by O.P.I
I wanted this color so badly that I tracked it down on Amazon! By the way I LOVE the OPI app…

O: Open House Idea
 A well organized PowerPoint. :)

P: Pinterest Find
This question isn’t even fair! I feel like Pinterest is like walking through other people’s classroom and stealing all of their ideas. But if I had to pick just one cool thing that I found it would have to be related to my classroom safari theme.  

Q: Quote
'Even a broken clock is right twice a day’  I tend to want to think that even bad people have some redeeming quality.

R: Read-Aloud
Bud, not Buddy! It’s my student’s favorite book. We have an older grandparent volunteer that comes into my class each year and does the read aloud. This year we even went to see the play (awesome by the way). Totally a GREAT book and provides for a great dialogue with my students!

S: School Supply
Mr. Scent Markers!!!


T: TPT/TN Product

U: Un-Official Hobby
Sewing. I never have enough time, BUT I do enjoy learning to sew. 

V: Video Brain Break
Well I am slightly embarrassed to say that this week I have been watching a WHOLE lot of *Nsync videos…. LOL even typing that makes me feel silly! Takes me back to when I was 14!

W: Way to Spend a Day Off
I really enjoy live music events, comedy shows, or other events out and about in town.

X: X-tra Special Blogs You ♥

Y: Yummy Dessert
Brownies with pecans or walnuts and a tall glass of milk!

Z: Zoo Animal


  1. I loved visiting Nashville the 2 times I have been there too, but there is always so much to do and never enough time! I just hopped over from the linky.

    KinderKids Fun

  2. I have never heard of Pinky and Rex. I will have to check it out. Don't be embarrassed about your love of N'Sync....I love the Backstreet Boys! :) hee-hee.
    Diving Into 2nd Grade

  3. Just found your blog. My niece loves yellow nail polish, too! Believe it or not even an old granny like me once loved N'Sync (when I was in my 30's!) Hope you have time to visit me when you get a chance!